what to mix with pinnacle cake vodka

You can find Pinnacle Vodka in any of the supermarkets like … See more ideas about Pinnacle vodka, Vodka, Yummy drinks. Banana Cream Pie: 1 part DeKuyper® Banana Liqueur, 2 parts Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka, 1 part irish cream liqueur. Pinnacle Whipped 1 oz. You read that right: even drinking it straight, UV does not bite like Pinnacle does. vodka maker, Pinnacle, with Cake Vodka. 1 oz. Sep 27, 2020 - Explore Annette W's board "Pinnacle Recipes" on Pinterest. Pineapple Upside Down Cake. An orange colored dessert drink made from Three Olives iced cake vodka, pineapple juice and amaretto, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. Mix the concoction with some whipping cream when you’re done, and … Coffee Liquor half & half to fill glass (I used a fat free version) sprinkles and whipped cream, for garnish (optional) Instructions Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a martini glass or champagne flute. My wife and her girlfriends like to mix it with ginger ale, sprite or similar sodas. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry. The company usually manufactures a 750ml and a 1.75l bottle. The Pineapple Upside Down Cake cocktail recipe is a liquid version of our favorite dessert cake. Shake … Jul 11, 2014 - Explore Carrie West's board "pinnacle vodka", followed by 190 people on Pinterest. You can easily drink this without a mixer (if you're into that kind of thing), but I love to mix it with different sodas. Also from 'Pinnacle Vodka' producer (20+) Learn more. Fold in 1 tub of Cool Whip. Pineapple Upside-down Cake 2 oz. So good chantysalamanca. Pinnacle is the ideal vodka – clean, smooth and extremely mixable. I personally like to swirl it around in a small tumbler with a couple of ice cubes. ... Pinnacle cake vodka and Sprite= adult key lime pie in a cup! I probably don’t have to tell you that bringing out cake vodka, whipped cream, sprinkles and more during a birthday party (or anytime) will definitely elicit some serious party-goer enthusiasm. Advertisement. Apr 17, 2014 - It's always your birthday with Pinnacle® Vodka. I discovered cake shots after perusing the Pinnacle vodka site while I was planning cakey drinks to make at the party, and there was no way I was letting that go. Yum. This way I get the full cake flavor in a swallow and the distinct aftertaste. Whether in a shot, a simple mixed drink, or a finely crafted cocktail, the original Pinnacle® vodka gives you nothing but the best. It is very tasty! Pinnacle Cake Vodka, Flavored Vodka, France $ 11.99 $ 15.99 / 1000ml. See more ideas about Pinnacle vodka, Yummy drinks, Vodka. This photo about: Very Cool Birthday Cake Vodka, entitled as What To Mix With Birthday Cake Vodka - also describes and labeled as: birthday cake flavored vodka,birthday cake vodka recipes,pinnacle birthday cake vodka,recipes with cake vodka,smirnoff birthday cake vodka, with resolution 768px x … Add ingredients to an ice-filled shaker. UV’s Cake Vodka brings all those good qualities of cake vodka–the delectable aroma, the sweet, cakey taste, and the endless possibilities for cake-inspired cocktail recipes–without the harshness. 5.0 / 5 stars (1 Reviews) France- Bright tropical notes give way to vibrant fruity flavor in Pinnacle Pineapple Flavored Vodka. pineapple juice Splash grenadine Cake Vodka and What to Do With It - Thrillist Posted: (2 days ago) A cake-spiked Cosmo is a two-part experience, with a wave of fruit flavor followed by a surge of almost tangy cake, but on the finish the drink tastes like a mystery flavor Jolly Rancher. Pinnacle Pineapple Vodka. Go in and let her make one for you. AROMA CLEAN, FRESH AND LIGHT. Pinnacle Cake Vodka 1 tsp. Go to shop Check with the merchant for stock availability. At a rather affordable price, some may scoff at Pinnacle as a lower shelf vodka, but we would caution drinkers against making such a rash judgment, however. Users have rated this product 5 out of 5 stars. Use the can to measure equal 12 ounce amounts for each ingredient. Birthday Cake Cocktail.....Ingredients 1 oz. Pinnacle Whipped is by far my favorite flavored vodka. Designed by Niccole Trzaska, who plies her trade at The Liberty NYC which is located at 29 West 35th Street in New York City. TASTING NOTES SMOOTH AND SOFT WITH A SHORT FINISH. I've tried other brands of whipped cream vodka, and the quality just isn't the same. Offering a premium liquid at an affordable price point. See more ideas about fun drinks, pinnacle recipes, vodka recipes. Oh, yes: Cake is a completely valid infusion choice for your vodka cocktail. Jen and Erica return to their favorite(?) I personally like root beer and Dr. Pepper best. ex. Pinnacle vodka prices will of course vary greatly by region but typically a 750 ml bottle can be purchased from your distributor of choice for between $11.99 to $14.99. Easy to make and easier to eat! Party Drinks Cocktail Drinks Fun Drinks Alcoholic Drinks Vodka Cocktails Cocktail Recipes Vodka Martini Alcoholic Root … Pinnacle Vodka prices depend on one size of bottle you are buying. Distilled five times for smoothness, this vodka leaves no doubt as to why it's considered a classic. Five times distilled with the spring water from the northern region of France, this unique spirit has a smooth, balanced finish that will please any connoisseur. Birthday Cake Pudding Shots Ingredients: 2 boxes vanilla pudding 2 cups of milk 1 cup RumChata 1 cup Pinnacle Cake Vodka Tub of cool whip Sprinkles Directions: Mix all ingredients well with a whisk. dry vanilla cake mix ½ oz. More at http://drunkmonkeyshow.com - follow us on Twitter at @drunkmonkeyshow. Cake Vodka, cake mix, and vanilla pudding! Here’s a grown up cocktail from Pinnacle Vodka that will lift your spirits and all of those you know. This Vodka does taste exactly like "cake". Otherwise, make it at home. And in comparison to other French Vodkas, the Pinnacle Vodka prices are affordable. sales tax. Pinnacle Chocolate Flavored Vodka 1 oz. Wine-Searcher is not responsible for omissions and inaccuracies. In a pitcher, combine a 12 ounce can of pineapple concentrate with club soda, cherry soda, and Pinnacle Cake Vodka. Stir it all up, and serve over ice in a glass rimmed with brown sugar. This recipe is so easy! Cake Flavored Vodka. Browse the top-ranked list of Pinnacle Cake Vodka Review below along with associated reviews and opinions. Vodka flavored with any number of different additions has become an increasingly important sector over recent years, as brand owners seek to attract ne ... Stores and prices for 'Pinnacle Cake Flavored Vodka' | tasting notes, market data, prices and stores in UK. The only vodka with over 40 playful flavors. PINNACLE® ORIGINAL VODKA. Pinnacle Vodka Cost. Pinnacle Vanilla Flavored Vodka TBSP Marshmallow Sauce Shake over ice and strain into a graham cracker rimmed martini glass drizzled with chocolate. This cake plays nicely with mixers, or even as a straight shot. A flavor for everyday of your birthday month!. So easy.

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