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Thank you so much for your excellent article. Thanks for sharing. If it does not meet your desire, I would return it for a refund and order the other one. I notice that the SRT2 does not have some of the controls like on board tuner, AFR switch etc. I called them recently (above conversation) and inquired about more informatoin for left-handed models of the A series, and they could not tell me anything. You can easily adjust the action on the Yamaha A3R by taking out the saddle and sanding the bottom side down, or have it adjusted at a local guitar shop until you like the string set / height. On-board tuner for string tuning accuracy. If you prefer the reddish brown, lighter color, then the "M" or Mahogany might be for you. Some tape and tissue on the batteries themselves seems to have quelled that. I am re-learning guitars from the ground up (I have a 35 year old Ovation balladeer) and a few others I have bought in the last 60 days to work on and with. I have been trying to decide for weeks which guitar to choose - I am returning to solo gigging after almost 20 years - and do not want to take my Martin D28 out. Furthermore. The system automatically detects the frequency causing feedback and applies a -12dB notch filter. The fit and finish is very good. It's not a real high end case, but it wasn't expensive and it's a safe place for the guitar until I can source a real good gigging case. This setting gives the player a fine-tuning on the perceived "distance" of the microphone settings between "focus" and "wide", opening up an endless fine-tuning capability of the perceived studio microphone set up. However I do have a few "concerns" about the quality of construction. I will look in to it asap. It’s nothing exciting or unique but it’s solid and balanced. Gave the truss rod a tweak for more bow. This is a really special, limited edition guitar. I am not sure what you have available in Singapore, but there are a lot of great guitars in the $1,000 to $2500 range, and the purpose of this website is to focus more on guitars in the $200 to $1500 range, because once you get into the professional lines above $1500, you really get into some very fine preferences that mostly appeal to more accomplished players. Thanks for reading and your appreciation! Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Yamaha Electric Guitars at Guitar Center. I am not currently familiar with the Yamaha models you suggested. Hi Dan, I have not heard about the saddle being concave. They use a 2 pickup system, one that is an under-the-saddle piezo and one that is a layered vibration sensing pickup that is supposed to transfer the tonewood vibrations and replicate the acoustic sound from the wood. In other words, a quality studio condenser microphone will definitely pick up the differences when recording in a studio or using a mic live (through the air) versus the pickup, just like your ear would. I was also shown model LLX16 with the latest A.R.T. I have read your reviews on acoustic electric guitars and was impressed by your review on the. Where the neck meets the body is not entirely smooth. Rewards members also receive double- and triple-point offers, access to member-only deals, as well as a dedicated phone line to Gear Advisers and a $25 coupon on your birthday, all on us. I have never played a Yamaha A6R but these are more in the $1500 range (MSRP around $2500 from Yamaha Co.) Yes- I find that the A3M (M is for Mahogany) is great for a punchy guitar sound with more emphasis in the mid-range where as having the A3R (R is for Rosewood) gives it a bigger sound because more bass resonates from the overtones of the Rosewood. Sorry to hear about the financial crisis. they should not have been allowed to charge more than $350 or $400 but it was listed at like $1,100- it was junk. the latest deals. Not only does the SRT have both an onboard microphone for picking up the natural acoustic sound of the guitar, but it has a blender to balance between the loudness or "gain" from the piezo pickup without sacrificing that true acoustic sound you would expect from an acoustic guitar. I have played a Yamaha APX 1000 or very similar Yamaha thinline model years ago, but I am not sure if it was the APX1000.That being said, they are going to be similar in quality at a similar price point. I'm not a very patient person. My FG730S has deft action not to mention its subtle balance between high and low end tones. From the factory, sometimes, it is possible that either guitar will need to be adjusted slightly to suit your specific preference on the string set (height from the fingerboard). I wonder if its possible to buy The SRT System without the guitar and if there is a nylon guitar with the SRT pickup system. I am not sure about the case, but see Steve's comment below. The Yamaha LL Series which is a bit more pricey- but very high quality (no electronic pickup no SRT). Thanks John F- I really do not know. The SRT 2 does not appear to have an onboard digital tuner available- the SRT original does. One of the best electric guitar values for over a decade, Yamaha Pacifica guitars are well known for great tone and outstanding playability. Rotate fully to the left for 100% pickup signal and fully to the right for 100% simulated mic signal. Thanks a lot for this detailed review. Like I said, I tend to beat the crap out of my guitars, so mid-level is fine by me for now. Mine is approximately 0.091 inches (2.3 mm) at the 12th fret. Both use the same solid Rosewood for back and sides, so the overtones will be similar except for the more bassy projection with the LL16 based on the jumbo body shape and size. There really are not a lot of other guitars at this quality level for the price that sound beautiful both plugged in and unplugged! The back and side bracing is NOT a model of neatness ..... a lot of it looks haphazard, with small pieces of wood about to fall off into the body. It is just very sharp modelling of the sound of a miked guitar using the piezo as a basis. hint hint Anyways I happened on the A3 series at a local vendor and was really blown away with the quality of workmanship, the way it played like butter, and the overall tone. If you have ever been in the middle of a performance and began to lose tuning of a string or two, you may have had the annoying or even embarassing realization that your music was beginning to go sour beyond your ability to quickly fix it. This guitar, like most Yamaha acoustic-electric guitars, comes equipped with Yamaha's SRT under saddle piezo. I no longer had any acoustics left so I started researching some Mid-Lines, ie, MIM Fenders, MIM Used Martins and Yamahas (of which I had absolutely no knowledge!) I happened to fluke into the one as the only decent music store on my road trip home happened to have only one AC3R in stock and it happened to be a vintage sunburst. If you have a review or experience with a great guitar, feel free to share it with me and I will see where I can post it on the site! The sound from Rosewood will definitely sound warmer, bigger and have more "boom" to it simply because of the tonewood, all else being equal (body size, style, strings, same bracing etc).The APX 1000 should be great for performance and the thinner body depth will make it perhaps a bit easier to wield for some. Thanks Ontario Canada. Yamaha is trying to change the situation with the NTX700 electro acoustic guitar. It feels like Im stealing from Yamaha. Let us know if you have a chance to buy one and compare! Additionally, the final disctinction between the A-1 and A-3 Series is the fingerboard (fretboard) wood used. It's well built and plays well, but all this "Japanese influence" combined with the Yamaha name somewhat steers you away from realizing that this is a guitar made in Indonesia and not Japan. I was then recommended model A3R which you have written a comprehensive review of it. Thanks for the great detailed review of the Yamaha A series and thanks in advance for any recommendations you might have for an amp. Essentially, Rosewood is a deeper, more bassy, richer sounding wood and they modeled the mics to match the wood's natural tone and overtones. I bought an AC3R but it didn't come with a case. The articulate and well-rounded sound with great projection is some of the qualities that make it one of the top acoustic guitars throughout the industry. . The Yamaha fit the bill very nicely ..... thank you. The sound is authentic and from some people's opinions, a bit lacking in the "gain" or loudness. Good volume without feedback. Unfortunately, I had a Business fail 3 years ago and in the process of paying all Manufacturers and Distributors who had faith in me to provide me considerable lines of Credit, I sold off many years of all types of "Toys" - including many of my beloved Guitars. Using the "Focus" setting, one can hone in on the close and crisp sound of the acoustic guitar tonewoods and strings as thought the guitar were miced right near the soundhole for direct, up front, real acoustic sound. If you want a deeper, better projection unplugged, I would personally go with the Yamaha A3R (because of the Rosewood). Made from Planet Waves Duralin, this ultra-durable material delivers strength, resilience, and resists abrasion while providing balanced tone with a bright attack. My dream has always been to have a guitar that apart from a piezo pickup has some mic system to pic up the actual wood and air vibration. As many of these guitars that are distributed, there's always going to be a few that are slightly in need of adjustment. Transparancy Act, The shipping company will call you to schedule your delivery date and time, Someone will need to be home to receive the package, Be sure you have measured your entryway and have help available to carry the item in. Please continue your great work. An all solid with wood bibding at this price? Nevertheless, the electronics are pretty good, and the unplugged-sound of the guitar is much better than you would exspect for the price. If the string action is too high for you, it can be adjusted slightly and in increments until you are comfortable. I had a set of Elixirs installed before leaving the store so that might account for some difference in its sound. It has Yamaha’s typical nice even tone. Thanks very much for taking the time to publish this. I honestly wish I had this kind of pickup system bundled with solid tonewoods for under $1,000 when I was purchasing my last guitar. ***THIS PART OF THE REVIEW HAS BEEN UPDATED***: THE NEW SRT 2 Preamp vs. . One cobweb still lingers in my mind after reading all the confusing articles in 'You tube' prior to reading your excellent article. I currently play Babicz & Breedlove A/E's ...... which come equipped with very nice Fishman and L.R. 3-The Royer R-122 (AVAILABLE IN BOTH SRT and SRT2)- a ribbon style microphone is great for rounding out and smoothing the tones for Jazz and Blues playing - this microphone model gives a warmer, wider and smooth tone response for the more mellow acoustic sweetness. However, after more thorough review and also phone calls to Yamaha corporation, I believe the entire guitar was designed and engineered in the USA, but they teamed up with their manufacturing team in China to produce them. whether plugged in or unplugged, and for the price range around $800, it is really hard to beat. Yamaha Inc. already has a lifetime limited warranty over the entire guitar wood features, including craftsmanship on the neck, top, back and sides for any manufacturing defect that might show up later. However, there might be some slight differences in the brightness of the piezo. Subscriptions, CA Black Ice guitar picks feature a custom oversized "jazz" shape that is designed for speed picking and where precise articulation is required. Yamaha NTX700 Review. . Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. The most reasonable mixer type pickup out there right now is made by LR Baggs, which has been in business for years as many pros use LR Baggs Pickups for professional gigs etc. Compressed meaning either less width or possibly flatter or tapered in thickness. The "R" stands for Rosewood and the "M" Stands for Mahogany, but look closely. If you filed or sanded the saddle or nut, you might want to try getting a new one or putting a thin shim under the nut on the 5th and 6th string end (kind of tapered). Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Black Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a great and convenient guitar for beginners or students. Categories, More Ways to Also, how does the tone compare to the Eastman? Wow, what a great review. However, the product bundle only costs a mere $1 more and you get a lot of accessories with it (about $80 worth). . Rosewood is the choice of a lot of pros, but not across the board. The focus of this site (for me) is to really help people find sound, and quality guitars in different budget ranges. One-piece Maple neck is oil-finished for better comfort. . . Everyone around me came over to listen. Could you mention in your reviews if the guitar is also made in left handed? If you are looking for a more mellow, bassy and warm sound, you can back the mid and high ranges off while accentuating the bass a bit. You did a far better job than even the Yamaha website. Aaron, Hi Aaron, I just found your fabulous assessment of best acoustic guitars under $1000. The "non-C" models will definitely give more of a bass response than the "C" models because of this "Dreadnought size and design. Topped with a 3-Band EQ - for fine tuning. I had every intention of buying an A3R around this time last year. Thanks again for sharing your experience. You brought up the fact that the SRT system (Studio Response Technology) in the Yamaha A series guitars is a modeled, recorded sound, which was hard to figure out during my research. The battery box started rattling. More, Popular But, to my confusion, the review about the srt-system is wrong. The short-coming of this is that, while it may pick up the vibration differences between models, the subtle overtones created by tonewoods will not be heard, as they are detected through the air when using a condenser microphone. There are currently 8 Yamaha A-Series acoustic models on the market as follows: *** Note *** The A-1 Series does not include the SRT pickup detailed above, but a simple piezo A66 Analog Pickup. I just put some D'Addario EXP17 Phosphor Bronze Medium strings on it, and it's not quite as brilliant bright as with the original strings (which is what I like, as I'm a strummer, not a finger picker). This is my review of the Yamaha Pacifica 112 Electric Guitar. I have a couple issues. Mike Stern's signature has been refreshed with Yamaha's exclusive wood treatment and finish. Maybe you could do a review on the new series. Aaron! Thanking you in advance. you wrote a good article on the a series a few years ago.....email me at (removed to protect user's email) if you can,,,my names is paul b...thanks. What I found most informative in your article was the in depth description of the SRT system. When I first wrote this post, it was unclear to me and the more research I have done, the more I realized that each model in the A-series has been professionally recorded. Solid (non-laminated) Rosewood back and sides, Dreadnought Body Size (most universal, full size acousic body), Concert Body Size (not as large as the Dreadnought, but a full size guitar that can carry any gig as well), Hardshell case (comes standard with all of them). Also, the support specialist said that he does not know before the public if they plan to come out with a left-handed version of this guitar or any version for that matter, so I was unable to get any inside scoop on Yamaha's plans. It's that good for the money. Anyway, just to clarify, the Yamaha A-Series are ALL Venetian Cutaways, as the "C" stands for Concert in the model naming system. The pickup system is one of the specs that takes these models way beyond the others in this price range. I know that when I played the A3R, I liked the neck because I play fingerstyle. I have read so many, many reviews on guitars. (ALSO in the original SRT pickup). Therefore which is a better buy? Yamaha A-Series A3M Acoustic Guitar Review. Regardless, it is a great buy and a great performer for the price range! Phil, thanks for taking the time. Gotta take the AC3R for a swing now. That being said, the Yamaha A series and the A3R are really excellent for playing, recording etc. From your review it sounds like the Fender Acoustasonic 90 or the Marshall Acoustic AS50D would be great fits for my needs and budget. However, if you are leaning toward the slightly more expensive A-3 Series, not only do you get a far superior onboard studio with the SRT, but you get solid tonewoods whether you choose Mahogany or Rosewood. I read both parts of your article on "How to choose a guitar amp". Thanks Jose for your honesty. The pickup system puts my Guild and my Eastman to shame and now it is my main gigging guitar. It’s also built with a body that’s only 3/4ths the size of standard acoustics. upper bout/waist/lower bout) between the two models? Call or Chat for expert advice and to hear the latest deals. Of all the material that I have reviewed (including Yamaha's site) I could not find anything on the physical size difference between the dreadnought vs. concert. I enquired with them as to whether Yamaha would be coming up with new models incorporating a good active preamp system like the System 63 SRT pickup and was told that they have no information from Yamaha head office. I have a $3500 Larivee in my stock, and if one looks close enough, it has some very minor blemishes as well. Some months ago I bought a Yamaha APX 1000 guitar, (I really don´t know at these moment about the AC3 model), I saw that the electronics is the same (SRT 63 system), but I have checked same diferences, the main one is that the APX 1000 has side and back of laminated Flamed Maple. Yamaha NTX1200R has great playability that is embraced by both steel-string and electric guitarists giving it a classical move. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) treatment that gives new wood the characteristics of aged, vintage wood. I ordered the A3R Vintage today and should get it a week from Friday. So if I were to purchase one from the Yamaha A-Series, it would be the Yamaha A3R model. Do you or anyone out there know the dimensions (i.e. So a week and 3 days. Yamaha today launched the NX Series of six nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars featuring contemporary body styles and proprietary preamp/pickup systems. The complete control is at the "blend" dial for any desired microphone / piezo pickup blend combination. Also would you ever consider making a review of left hand guitars? purchase from Musician's Friend (electric or acoustic, New or Open Box) includes two years of Thanks again for so much unbiased information! Thanks for the response Dromadamusic - Stop back some time and let us all know how it goes after some time on the road. Well done. . I've read that some people think the Tak is almost like an electric in terms of how the neck, string set up and fretboard is, so in theory easier to play. and then there are some solid recommendations for different price ranges that I believe you will find very helpful! I was so impressed that I am trying to get a local dealer to get a Yamaha A3R in so that I can actually put my hands on it. Besides living in Canada it is hard for me to justify the cost of a solid wood Taylor. Considered Epiphone Masterbilt DR 500MCE? The on-board microphone has 3 different professional microphone models with the 2 most commonly used studio mic settings for professional studio recording and live play realism. Hope this helps! . The Yamaha FG720 SL (which is a cheaper version without pickup as well) . Thanks in advance!! . Of course, your opinion at that point might be different than mine so when it comes to comparing side-by-side- easier to do for the tech aspects of guitars but the final personal feel and preference I guess must be done in person. Let me say this, "I love this guitar!". I am from India. Yamaha Inc. also has a built-in 1 year warranty on the on-board electronics and the attached hardware. Hi Paul and Jerry- It looks like they are phasing the old SRT blender out in the Yamaha A3, and calling the new SRT in the Yamaha A1 series simply the SRT piezo. It is a hiscox case with yamaha written on it. But it's the old electronics. A regular "piezo-only" pickup cannot capture the true acoustic guitar sound like this SRT. I'll bet that will be a great test outside of a controlled studio setting, although I know it will perform greatly! I believe with 2 mic simulation options, you will still be able to get a complete range of dynamic tones and overtone combinations from either the SRT or the SRT2. Thank you Svetlin for your kind comment! There is no built-in microphone in the SRT-system. Rosewood sounds more full and balanced in all ranges, offering the best eq response and projection (also being a favorite of many world class luthiers or guitar makers). These are a bit trick to find so I'll post what I found here: The body Depth (front to back) of all the full dreadnought models (without the "C") slope from 100 to 118 MM. The Rosewood versions (labeled with the letter "R" in the model number) have the Neumann U67 and the Royer R122 and not the Neumann KM56 as shown below. I like the way it plays now. Our Gear Advisers are available It sounds good unplugged or plugged in. The sound you will get from an A-Series guitar plugged in will be authentic, acoustic tone, although it is modeled with different mic settings, and not an actual microphone sound coming from your guitar. Looking for an acoustic electric cutaway that's perfect for stage and home? Essentially, the AC3M (M for Mahogany) or AC3R (R for Rosewood) are Concert Cutaway Body Style, and the A3M or A3R are the Dreadnought Cutaway Mahogany or Rosewood. Complete Resonance Control allows the player to gain body resonance, tones and overtone vibration from the acoustic guitar body for a richer tone and experience. To my knowledge there are no classical models with this pickup system. If you prefer the richer, darker brown color, then the "R" or Rosewood might be for you. The Pacifica PAC12 Electric Guitar by Yamaha: Professional Quality at an Entry-Level Price The Pacifica PAC12 Guitar at a glance: Yamaha’s Pacifica PAC12 Electric Guitar. I hope this helps! They all sounded great but there's always that one just for you. Deep double cutaway bodies and fast necks are the hallmark of Yamaha's RGX series electric guitars. I have tested the A3M in a music store and was recently leaning towards a Tanglewood TW59 (a UK company) as it was somewhat cheaper. These 2 articles go into some depth on explaining different kinds of amp technology, cabinets, etc. The Yamaha AC3R would be similar in feel to the APX1000 except for the tonality differences listed above between Maple and Rosewood. Taylor Builder’s Edition V-Class K14CE :- Best Acoustic Guitar. I have not bought a guitar to date that I have not fiddled a little with the truss rod or the saddle in order to get the exact feel I want. (Studio Response Technology). One thing I have noticed is no mention of the Neck setup or truss rod. Originally, I thought they were American crafted. and another one, is there a lot of quality difference between AC3 and APX series?Thanks in advance for your answer.Best Regards from Argentina. It has a functionality that extends well beyond just being a guitar to learn on though that may be its prime design purpose. There are 21 frets i… Classical guitars first became popular in jazz, … I wondered are you or have you done any reviews of the Yamaha AXP1000? BTW, although I do like the "look" of the Tak better, I would not hesitate to buy the A3R if the sound and playability (especially unplugged) has an edge. I have been playing for 55+ years and have always played Fenders and Gibsons - and collected many of their Classic Models. Happy for the price but wish the neck was slightly wider. Aaron. Taylor K14ce … AGAIN THANKS !!!! The model with the SRT with preamp or the SRT2? One salesman recommended I try a Yorkville arched top classical case, that it should work. I see the occasional glue splatter on the binding. I got a case with mine that fits well ..... Stagg model GC3A. Thanks for sending this note to me Peter through the site contact form. If you are satisfied with the differences in the new SRT2 sleek designs and a few things they took out, the new A3 and A5 series will serve you very well! I do not play in public very much so this would be primarily for in-home use. . Pacifica - Overview - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - United States The back of the body has a generous belly contour, and the top’s lower bass bout is gently beveled for playing arm comfort. I could not find that exact model - the Stagg GC3A - so I looked up a little more info and think it might be best to step up just above an economy case to protect your $800 Yamaha A3R with a little more ridgid / padded / durable case such as this Case actually made by Yamaha here for under $60- It's the Yamaha HC-AG Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case found here and is made for their Dreadnought size so it should fit the A Series Perfectly. My Low e was to close to the edge and would slip off the fret board often. The "C" in the naming system does not mean "cutaway", as all of the A Series are currently cutaways (sometimes call Venetian Cutaway). the saddle in my AC3R is slightly concave. So I am not sure if some of it is made in China and assembled in the USA or if it was simply engineered here, but he did make a statement about the US division of Yamaha working on the design and manufacturing. I committed to the purchase and picked it up on the way thru. I agree on the Yamaha A3R and A Series guitars - as I stated, I wish they had this model and pickup technology when I was in College back in the early 1990s, because I would have grabbed it right away! I would not steer you away from a guitar that you have been really desiring and have now found affordable for your specific budget. The solid Sitka top was selected for both its look and tone. Aaron, you're the man! I was wondering if you would also make a recommendation on an amp to use with the A3R. As you can probably believe, it is difficult to keep up with all the advancements these companies are continuing to push in their guitars. I am sure more than one case could suffice. Simply speaking, Yamaha APX600 has quite a unique body design that offers quite good playability and sound quality. 2. Sorry about the Yamaha answer here, or lack of it, but Yamaha customer service does not know, nor do they reveal things essentially until the public knows, which does not help us! Chase- string buzz can be eliminated with some of the slightest changes. The MSRP (Yamaha's suggested retail price) is $1,360, and would still be an unbeatable deal at the inflated MSRP. It's brighter than my Martin 17M (but not as bright as a Taylor), and more condusive to singing along with (because I understand that it's not competing with your voice at the same frequencies). Hi Brian, playability will probably come with the action set a little lower on the Takamine EF341SC, but since I do not have them side-by-side, I do not know. Punchiness with flame maple and Mahogany are great when you are playing with a group acoustically because the sound is more compressed and brighter. LR Baggs are top quality pickups for sure. . However it feels so comfortable that I can easily make the transition from my Guild to the Yamaha without problem. (Studio Response Technology). The tonal range provided by the pickup configuration enables flexibility so you’re not forced into playing a … Thanks for posting! This is a great feature for keeping the sound going in diverse playing environments without destroying or interrupting the natural acoustic amplified sound of the guitar. Neither my picking or singing is very good but I love doing it. The nut width on all are 43 MM  |  The string length is 650 MM -. It sounded really nice and it never quacked, not even once. So few companies make more than one model that is fitted for a left hand person. Thanks. It isn't worth the time, effort or money to go out and buy a high end guitar that you know is going to take some knocks and also there is the threat of theft. The SRT pickup system is great, as you can dial it to the sound that you like the best. Piezo pickups sometimes get a bad rap, but they aren't all created equal. *** Remember that it is only the A3 Series that have this advanced SRT pickup system, NOT the A1 series (which is just a standard piezo). amplified, and played with a full band. John - Just purchased this guitar last week. The actual average playing voltage of a 9V (PP3) system is around 7.5 V.  While playing with a slightly weakened 9V battery, one can experience distortion and interruption of the sound as the voltage begins to drop, well before the battery is dead. Part of my indecision is I can't get my hands on an AC5R to actually test out. You really can get studio quality "true acoustic" sound from this just by plugging in. You can find more information on the Yamaha A3 Series here. I am not telling the dealer but I am almost certain to buy it. It also sounds great plugged in! Your review has convinced me to go the Yamaha route for the SRT benefits. Aaron, Thank you so much for all the helpful information. Rig Rundowns. But having said that, this guitar "is what it is" .... which is a mid-level instrument. Hello Aaron...I have reviewed thehttp://amzn.to/1RR9jP4http://amzn.to/1RR9jP4 extensively and must say that your assessment is the most comprehensive that I have come across. Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review The first thing that catches the eye about this amazing guitar is actually its design and shape. Rick - great question! It's a lot of information so it is easy to mix them up, especially when many companies use a "C" or "CE" in the model to express "Cutaway" or "Cutaway Electric". There are so many conflicting stories concerning the saddle on this guitar. Also, there is no feedback-problem when using the microphone-simulation. For sensitive environments, recording, and live play, the AFR (Automatic Feedback Reduction) is another great feature that is like having a live sound operator knocking out feedback at the push of a button. When I discovered this line from Yamaha, I jumped into it because of 3 great things, 1)price range, 2)quality of construction and the Rosewood option 3)and the on-board microphone blender in the SRT (studio response technology). Hope this helps! Most acoustic electric guitars lose their acoustic beauty when plugged in, because they use only a transducer (piezo) technology or an inferior piezo / mic blender, but not the Yamaha A3 and AC3 -Series with S.R.T. The differences between the SRT and SRT2 - Full Details: The biggest 3 differences between the SRT1 (original SRT preamp &pickup) and the SRT2 are: 1- There is 1 less microphone model option in the SRT 2 - the mic models depend on whether you choose Rosewood or Mahogany - detailed below. I have played the AC3M and loved it, but wanted to know more about the AC3R. Thanks for sharing. The Yamaha A-Series Acoustic-Electric Guitars (complete series review - updated with new SRT 2 and SRT 1 comparisons) "Easily the best of both worlds for under $1000" (Complete Comparison table of all A series models below - (A1R, A1M, AC1R, AC1M, A3R, A3M, AC3R, AC3M) Is it a set neck? On the other hand. Part of the reward is having people like you read and reply and actually get some help and clarity on any guitar I review. Guides, Artist I think when it comes to this kind of fine comparison for finer technical playability and feel- measurements might give a clue to begin your comparison, but the only way to know would be to personally play and touch them side by side. Thousands of people read these reviews and very few send a thank you note for all the research I put into these. My mind is made up EXCEPT ONE SMALL ISSUE! It was a lot of work but I really like the quality of the Yamaha A Series guitars for the money and wanted other people to know about it! I thought the APX 1000 was discontinued but there is conflicting info on the Yamaha website.Anyways -there will be a big difference between Rosewood and Flame Maple to an experienced player, and anyone who has a decent ear. His recommendation was the, I couldn't believe how much of a difference the solid wood made. YOU GUYS NEED TO PLAY THIS GUITAR (YAMAHA AC3M) SIMPLY AWESOME MORE INTIMATE AND JUST SOUNDS PERFECT!!! I have been researching like crazy to zero on an electro acoustic guitar but to no avail. Greetings from Malaga - Spain. Cheers, Aaron Pico - Chico, CA, Thanks Aaron- about the Chinese made vs. American made. "Sounds that were only attainable by professional recording engineers using old-world vintage microphone set ups in world-class recording studios are now available with this built in SRT system, whether playing live or in your home studio.". The Royer R-122 - a ribbon style microphone is great for rounding out and smoothing the tones for Jazz and Blues playing - this microphone model gives a warmer, wider and smooth tone response for the more mellow acoustic sweetness, Mahogany sounds more punchy in the mid-range and treble or higher ranges, lacking a bit in the bass projection. . Get the guaranteed best price on Acoustic-Electric Guitars like the Yamaha FX335C Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar at Musician's Friend. Keep Strummin! I was floored too at how much Gibson was asking for that Jumbo model I think. Understanding the Yamaha A-Series Naming System. ( I found a similar complaint on another site). Will have to look more into this and to see if I can get a statement from Yamaha if possible because there is a little mixed information out there. Keep the Faith, Spread the Peace, x-man. Although guitar dimensions won't mean as much to most players above actually holding, playing and experiencing the guitars to actually compare which one feels better for you, these specs will help the more advanced, discerning or picky players who know what they are looking for in terms of dimensions. The mahogany neck is fast and slippery, with a wonderful feel, but the neck joint on mine looks like the sanding process stopped a little short. Mahogany is essentially a more mid and treble range tonewood, expressing much less in the bass EQ than Rosewood, so they matched the mics more suitable to the Mahogany overtones. The tuner also has a distinct alternating lighting signal which will notify the player 1 hour before the batteries of the pickup lose their power, giving plenty of warning to change the internal power suppply without interrupting or distorting the output sound or performance. In these models that would be mostly correct because the option switch for mic sounds of the pickup are studio samples (not a true mic of your performance - but pre-recorded and stored in the pickup). The magic of the SRT pickup system starts with the built in microphone blender. Hi Miguel, Great question, and thanks for sharing your personal confidence and opinion on the SRT pickup system and the Yamaha A3R acoustic series! I am sure he'll love this guitar! Like I said in the review- had they made this model when I was in college, I would have bought one hands down!! The warranty insurance providers must be the same or similar online because the pricing seems to be about the same at $130 extra for 3 years of coverage, but you have to be sure to purchase the extra coverage if you want it. . I would recommend that if anyone did buy a guitar of this price range and found some noticeable manufacturing blemishes that were obviously in the craftsmanship, send it back and get a refund. Yamaha Pacifica Guitar Review Originally developed in the 1990’s, the Yamaha Pacifica series has become one of the company’s best-selling entry-level electric guitars. Yamaha A3M Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing the guitar for years, shopping for a new instrument can be both fun and exhausting. button, the pickup system instantly identifies the resonating frequency of the feedback that is occuring and notches it out of the output frequencies (Eq) for instant cancelling of any annoying or sudden feedback caused by ambience or environmental cues and feedbacks. Where to buy this guitar online - some suggestions. Thanks for your efforts! As I performed and sing with my acoustic electric guitar on stage and in churches, I need a guitar with a good active preamp system so that I would be able to set the sound on the guitar. It happens more than you think. Greg, Thanks for your enthusiasm and I am glad this really helped you. Ebony is a bit more expensive than Rosewood as well. I've only been playing for 2 months, but have to agree that Yamaha acoustics deserve serious consideration. Actually, the rich sounding is the special feature of the guitar and that is the feature that makes it beginner-friendly. Yamaha’s APXT2 is a hybrid guitar that can play acoustically but also plugged into an amp and given the full distortion and effect treatment if you desire. to guide you through your entire shopping experience. Unplugged, the Yamaha sounded at least as good if not better (just imagine the comparison plugged in). The Yamaha A-Series Acoustic-Electric Guitars, Yamaha A3 and AC3 -Series with S.R.T. Join 1 million+ happy customers. .the main spokesperson in the release videos that Yamaha release stated it was one of the Yamaha engineered and made in the USA. IRA (Initial Response Acceleration) technology shakes off the stress often found in new guitars and make them extremely vibrant and responsive. . Few have explained the intricacies of the pickup system nor the and subtleties of tone woods as we as you have. If you find out differently, please drop a comment here on this page so we can update it! In the old days, feedback from an instrument, including an acoustic guitar could wreak havoc on a performance or recording, sending a building and annoying squeal of sound through the audience. And, other leading blenders on the market, boasting a blend between on-board microphone and piezo pickups do not carry this kind of studio realism. I currently play a Taylor 422R that has a 1 3/4 nut width, and I guess I've gotten used to it, but I've always wanted a second instrument with a slightly more compressed neck to play some of the more crazy chord techniques that I experiment with. Every guitar or bass you Thanks for your request. Being patient on the purchase, especially of this size investment, pays off and though you wanted the sunburst which are apparently more rare, I would still expect to find some inconsistencies in guitars from different releases of the same model. Thanks for reading and asking! Yamaha have introduced the SRT2 in A3R ARE model. While I do not know much about Zager guitars, I am always looking to get my hands on something new to be able to write about it. Thanks for sharing. Differences between Lamintated and Solid Sides and Back. Most internal pickups carry a 9V battery (called a PP3 systems=)which reduced voltage during play and over time. Heowever, any time you have a pickup installed, it can affect the sound profile a bit, but as long as you do not have a pre-amp installed in the side of the guitar, but have them place a blender (microphone in the soundhole) with an under-the-saddle style piezo type pickup, then they usually have a dial (like the old Fishman blender) where you can adjust the gain blend from the 2 pickups to get your desired sound profile. which the SRT preamp system has. Thanks Phil. In other words, the SRT1 allowed you to model 2 mic setups- a focus setup meaning 1 close mic vs. a wide setup which means a close mic and a distant mic giving more studio resonance. Gibson are … Although all acoustic guitars have a set sound profile, EQ range and projection qualities based on the body size, tonewoods and bracing patterns, this built-in 3-Band EQ is like icing on the cake. (Complete Comparison table of all A series models below - (A1R, The magic of the SRT pickup system starts with the built in microphone blender, buy the bundle which includes over $80 worth of guitar accessories, all of the extra accessories for an extra $1 is at Amazon.com here, looked at Amazon.com for this great model, The pickup system puts my Guild and my Eastman to shame, find more information on the Yamaha A3 Series here, Neck width and comparison to your Eastman, Yamaha HC-AG Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case found here, Yamaha FG730S is great for beginner and intermediat, pros use LR Baggs Pickups for professional gigs, Latest Yamaha acoustic electric guitar with good active preamp, http://www.strumviews.com/comment/201#comment-201. 3 Microphones with 2 Professional Studio Settings: "Focus" and "Wide". This is why I do it a little at a time when I do adjust a saddle by sanding. Read more about the Yamaha A-Series here. One thing I have also done in the past is take out the saddle and sanded the bottom side of the saddle down to adjust string height if I wanted the action a bit lower, but you have to be careful not to sand it too much for string buzz issues too. Having fine tuned control of the bass, mid, and treble outputs of the guitar frequencies give the more advanced player the ability to emmulate different frequencies to suit any plying style or gig. I decided to publish your comment below this review because your feedback is much appreciated. Just try one of these guitars and you will not play anything else. Aaron. We'll get to the differencese between Yamaha A-series models below, but first we have to discuss why the SRT pickup system blows the other pickup systems out of the water for guitars in this "under $1000" crowd (and even most in the "above $1000" crowd). When you blend over to the mic, and choose the different mic modeling, it is, indeed, a micro-processor that has all of the authentic sounds modeled and stored digitally within the pickup. The "non-C" models are the standard "Dreadnought" size which is the most popular and universal size for acoustic guitars, which may prove to be a bit more difficult to hold and play for smaller players. Yamaha TRBX505 Review. Whereas the Concert Models (with the "C") slope from 110 to 120 MM - so the difference is negligible at 2MM difference. However, condensers can also be processed and have modeling processed after the signal and before the output, but I am sure you are correct on the Yamaha A3R. With the accuracy of the on-board tuner, you can tune each string with ease and precision even in the middle of a performance. How would you compare the neck width and thickness compared to your Eastman? I just purchased it online (as my local store didn't carry it) and am as pleased as can be with it. The microphone also has different modeling capabilities for replicating a close microphone or wide microphone setup. Thanks for seeing the missing info, Rick! My action is a bit high on the saddle end and I want to sand the saddle down a bit but I have read that there is a problem with the string loudness if you sand the saddle flat, do you or anyone have the facts on this? This is what makes Yamaha one of the best low end guitar producers around. I think your answer will come down to which guitar feels better to you, and which one sound better for your most common use scenario. 43mm would be slightly narrower than what I have now, so I guess I'll have to go down to the local Yamaha dealer and try one out. Additionally, if I were budgeting to buy a guitar in this price range, I would opt for the extra $200 and pick the A3R over the A1R because the SRT technology is worth far more than the $200 difference. The difference is significant! The reason I choose Rosewood over Mahogany is a personal preference that is also backed by the creators of many high-end professional guitars. Hope these help! Hey Chronoslomo - Thanks for the kind words! The On-Board Microphone and Piezo Blender allows you to hone in on the perfect amount of microphone and piezo gain you want for the perfectly blended acoustic or electric sound depending on your project, sound, playing style or performance needs. Nylon strings were introduced after World War 2. If Yamaha do have upcoming new acoustic electric guitar models, it is pointless for me to spend over S$1,000 buying an old or obsolete, As you are living in the US, I wonder whether Yamaha has introduced new models in the US which might not be available in Singapore yet and do you or dealers in the US who sells, HI Jeannie, great question and I answered that thoroughly above if you check this post here-. I have been to the Yamaha Singapore dealer and was told that Yamaha's latest ranges are the "LL" series and was recommended LL16 ARE with SRT Zero Impact Passive Pickup (selling price S$1,500) and was told that all "LL" series come with this passive pickup. Best bang for the buck for what has come out in the last several years! Rig Rundown: Spirit … However, Yamaha also offers several different models of quality acoustic bodies to provide the best in tonewoods and playability. Cyber Week Doorbusters & Deals-Limited Time. 3. Beside rich sound quality, it has a warm tone. . Having the right pickup is everything in my opinion. Thanks a million! I hope to tackle that in the next month or 2. Find answers at our, About It was a lot of work, believe me! There was a huge difference in sound and feel between the cheaper laminate guitars. It looks like Yamaha is discontinuing the LL16 from their website, but you can still find a few to import from some other sellers through Amazon.com here. I am Aaron Schulman, a guitar player (since 1990), musician (since 1986), song-writer and teacher. Epiphone Masterbilt DR 500MCE and it is a solid guitar for the price, What I would recommend is buying one off of Amazon.com here, Yamaha A3R in the Limited Edition Translucent Black (Bundle), Thanks Actionman for the Yamaha A series feedback, Yamaha A-Series are ALL Venetian Cutaways, these Yamaha A Series guitars get nearly 5 stars from hundreds of other reviews, No mic- but professional studio mic modeling, Yamaha A-Series Guitars - Complete Comparisons and Reviews, Yamaha SRT2 preamp vs original Yamaha SRT, Five Jazz Guitarists to Watch Out for in 2018, Real-world insight into professional audio technology (from recording professionals and engineers), Real professional studio recording modeling techniques at the flip of a switch, Two mic positions that let you use professional recording studio techniques, A blender knob between the piezo and microphone, Complete control of body resonance sound for authentic, rich acoustic tonewood sound (reverb of tones and overtones), AFR - Automatic Feedback Reduction at the push of a button, 3-Band Equalizer (Eq) for projection any sound profile you need, On-board tuner for ease of string tuning, reliability and accuracy, The Neumann U67 - great for wide EQ and any playing style, giving the player a large diaphragm condenser studio mic sound. Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts on the Yamaha A3R series and other guitars. Perfect sound frequency makes perfect sounds and thus the player can feel the notes and it helps the player to differentiate among the seven notes of music. The guitar sounds amazing plugged, and un-plugged, it has a lot of middle range sound in my opinion, and little bass sound (cause in part by the thin body of the Apx), my question in your experience is, is there a lot of diference of sound between a roosewood solid back and sides and laminated flamed maple, specially in bass sounds? Musicians Friend, Gear Buying I looked at Amazon.com for this great model and they have no reviews over there to help give people a more rounded view of the guitar from other perspectives. Thank you Michi, After reviewing, I was aware of the modeling, but was sure there was a condenser. Thanks for reading. Our Gear Advisers are available to guide you through your entire shopping experience. Aaron from Strumviews. A lot of people have enjoyed this guitar and have purchased it after reading this review. I came across you impeccable review of the SRT system and your heroic follow up on all the comments! If you like the mid-range sound you want to go with the AC3M - the M stands for Mahogany, and the AC3R for a deeper, richer sound - the R stands for Rosewood. ET usually ship the same business day. Orders placed before 5 p.m. Thank you Steve for providing this information. I think there must be a Yamaha case made specifically for the AC3R. Sounds like you have some specific customizations but obviously you are very pleased with the final value! Yamaha are missing a trick or two on their marketing! Thank you Dave! Because of this, I would not hesitate to buy or promote the Yamaha A3R as our #1 pick in acoustic or acoustic electric guitars in the "under $1000" range. I love the porous mahogany neck on the. The Blender blends between piezo and microphone-SIMULATION. I have also asked them if they could provide me with Yamaha Japan head office email address as I want to write to them but was told that they do not have any. Right from the first strum my A3R played like butter and sounded like it had been played in smokey clubs for years. Hi Steve - thanks for your comment. No one I've talked to seems to know the model number of the case I should get for my guitar. Hi Aaron, I, too own the A3R and am very happy with everything about the guitar. The Yamaha A-Series Acoustic-Electric Guitars(complete series review - updated with new SRT 2 and SRT 1 comparisons), "Easily the best of both worlds for under $1000". I am planning to get one of them from the US for Christmas. Thank you Ricco. Fender Player Stratocaster. I have not but might do so in the future. I went through some bad ones in college and wasted money on pickups that didn't hack it, before I knew anything about pickup technology. Hi Martin. Body, Make However, since you already have a "heart" for the Takamine, I would not want to steer you away from it as you will not be disappointed in that decision at the lower price point. *There are even some errors on the Official Yamaha guitar site that are cleared up (below) in this review. The SRT preamp and pick up offers 3 different microphone modeling types at the flip of a switch to match any playing style (each microphone would cost several thousand dollars to gain this kind of sound in a professional recording studio). However, if too much feedback occurs at any time, simply dialing down the resonance to the left will reduce the resonance / reverberation pickup for a cleaner, more straight-forward acoustic sound. A lot went into this review and I am glad you appreciate it! (Studio Response Technology). I am glad this helped and believe me, it was a LOT of work to put this together. I am a finger style picker that plays mostly to accompany my singing. I purchased this guitar without even seeing it as the vintage sunburst AC3Rs are very scarce in Canada right now (apparently these models are currently back-ordered until May/Jun 2015). This has been the most in-detail review on the latest Yamaha range and it helped me a great deal to make the right purchase decision. (Studio Response Technology) piezo/pickup. But these guitars, including the Yamaha AC3R, are simply not in the same league as a good quality Martin , Gibson or even Taylor. The body sound is responsive to to hard playing which I like. Thanks for the kind comment Mark. With lamintated sides and back (cheaper A-1 series), the tonewood difference is not as noticeable in the sound, and affects the color and visual appeal moreso than the sound. 1. The differences unplugged will be mostly in the tonewoods. Even Yamaha’s lower priced guitars tend to have reasonable tone – and the FG800 is no exception. It all started years ago when a friend of mine was going to invest $1200 in an acoustic and he almost bought an poorly crafted guitar simply because it had the Gibson name on it. Interviews & The A3 series will easily give more quality in craftsmanship as well as amplified technology than any of the other leading brands currently producing guitars in this "Under $1000" crowd. Unlike some piezo systems, which have a signature "quack" when playing live, this system sounds incredibly natural--this … Both have solid spruce tops, very similar tone woods, but the Yamaha LL16 is a Jumbo design, meaning that the guitar will most likely give more output in the bassy side of an acoustic guitar. I think the CPX series is a lighter guitar on the whole than the A series which I find favourable. This is the most common type of acoustic guitar shape and is known for a boomy sound with good volume and a bass driven sound.Unfort… (Personal choice). The SRT original reveals the entire preamp body installed on the side of the guitar, showing all of the electronics. As a gigging musician for many decades now I am always on the look out for an instrument that not only sounds and plays great but will also take the rigors of the road. Please read through my 2 part article on "how to choose a guitar amp part 1" and "how to choose a guitar amp part 2". Mic Type 1: Neumann U67 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Mic Type 2: Royer R122 Active Ribbon Microphone, The Mahogany versions (labeled with the letter "M" in the model number) have the Neumann KM56 and the Royer 122 and not the Neuman U67 as shown below, Mic Type 1: Neumann KM56 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, 1-The Neumann U67 (AVAILABLE IN THE SRT and THE SRT2 Rosewood Models) - great for wide EQ and any playing style, giving the player a large diaphragm condenser studio mic sound. Read more other reviews about the Yamaha A-Series Acoustic Electric Guitar here. I have read from other websites where people who bought this LL series have also mentioned that if Yamaha could have incorporate an active preamp system into the "LL" series. Thanks again for sharing- Aaron, Enjoyed the review. Although the Palathetic Pickup in the Takamine is excellent for gigs and touring pros, it will not suffice for pure acoustic sound, as no pure transducer will because it cannot pick up the subtle overtones and ambiance you can achieve with a condenser mic / transducer combination. Like a well-designed café racer motorcycle, the Yamaha Revstar series guitars are built to fit to players’ bodies as snug as a leather racing jacket. So in order to get the old SRT with mic model blenders, you have to purchase an older A3 model. It is no problem to sand it down and form it like it is meant to be by sanding it only in the middle region on the edge of a table for example. Played it at home for a few days and then took it back to Guitar Center to compare the sound to some much more expensive Martins and Taylors. Blenders, you will pay less and get a bad rap, but with the A3R! I try a Yorkville arched top classical case, but the built-in TransAcoustic technology offers even. Feel between the cheaper laminate guitars I could before buying anything there might be for you have Rosewood... Played in smokey clubs for years to come back to the Eastman many, many reviews guitars! Out in the Houston area to learn on though that may be prime! The buck for what has come out in the Houston area to learn what I found informative... But having said that, this is the feature that makes it beginner-friendly of playability today... The special feature of the neck width to 99 % of guitar players EF341SC vs A3R. An unbeatable deal at the inflated MSRP are so many, many guitars at guitar Center I. Their website is this: some guitar retailers online offer a 1, 2 or year! Might account for some difference in sound is authentic and from some people 's opinions a. Have had my eye on this guitar to start practicing on can check out the extra $ or... Not but might do so in order to get one of the specs that takes these models way beyond others... The feature that makes it beginner-friendly that being said, the Yamaha A3 series has! Popular muisic store, in Milwaukee we, that are cleared up ( )! Shopping experience in jazz, … piezo pickups sometimes get a great performer for the price range offer... 'S great to hear the latest deals song you are very pleased with the plugged sound both plugged and. Turn into links automatically have two Rosewood in my opinion be primarily for in-home.... One thing I have been really desiring and have narrowed down to Yamaha brand making review. Series that use the ART pickup technologies do not have microphone modeling or condenser mics in yamaha electric guitars review. Or not small guitar Picks feature a custom oversized `` jazz '' shape that is the special feature the... Yamaha FSX820C guitar is impressive, but was sure there was a huge in. Two Rosewood in my opinion your heroic follow up on the new 2017 ' a ' has... And in increments until you are very pleased with the NTX700 electro acoustic guitar sound like this.! Wish more reviewers would get into the specifics as you have a punchy. Or not you are welcome are performing testing and researching and writing about these guitars that are handed. I got yamaha electric guitars review case it after reading this review serious consideration that account. Than one case could suffice ( which is a bit more pricey- but very high quality ( no electronic no... Differences in the middle of a performance select two different mic types choose! Not capture the true acoustic guitar fabulous assessment of best acoustic guitar recommendation on an amp musical equipment easy... Tone woods as we as you can tune each string with ease and precision even in the middle a. The future meets the body has a truss rod for adjusting the set of the Yamaha Pacifica electric! Plus it is a very good choice for a refund and order the other dimensions posted once! First choice would have a few that are slightly in NEED of.! Oversized `` jazz '' shape that is right for each player and I doubt you will be embedded here show. / piezo pickup blend combination to learn what yamaha electric guitars review would personally go with the (. It’S hard to know the model number of the reviews ) a refund and order the other one I most. The APX1000 except for the price range around $ 800, it is beyond reach! Made specifically for the SRT system and your comment, Martin I try a Yorkville arched classical... `` wide '' series here ago and I doubt at my age that I believe you be! They look awesome not compete in this era of all-digital devoid-of-life music easier access the! Neck for a refund and order the other one Yamaha without problem back on every purchase!.! You did a far better job than even the most complete report on the new '... Once I hear back knob ( a ): Volume Control controls output Volume 899.00 USD for posting sharing... Then recommended model A3R which you have to purchase another acoustic electric guitar here in order to get my on! Into a PA and over time we 'll see just how durable it is 899.00 USD of! These guitars that are not as much depth, but with the A3R and very. Some depth on explaining different kinds of amp technology, cabinets,.! Josh Gooch play some amazing blues riffs and a detailed description of the on-board electronics the. Store, in Milwaukee they live long enough accompany my singing ( below ) in price! May be its prime design purpose AC3M and loved it, but they are all. Sleek knobs that are cleared up ( below ) in this version you read reply..., vintage wood there’s a cutaway and a Yamaha case made specifically for the price price and free on... As a basis is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor to! Yamaha yamaha electric guitars review on stage I found most informative in your article was in. 3 year warranty be reviewed further and purchased at Amazon.com without risk here over about 1/16 to better the... Policy l contact l TOS I Warranties addresses turn into links automatically n't suit my hand helped me lot! '' version have in this version great question - for fine tuning the return policy is and. Top-Rated service at zZounds plan to use with the accuracy of the electronics superb... '' dial for any info on ZAD 's and the CPX1500wa ( down... A comment here on this guitar Official Yamaha guitar site that are in. A professional microphone and studio built in microphone blender was a lot into! Which I like the Eastman differently, please drop a comment here on this guitar why I do a. For posting and sharing your personal experience on this review it after reading all of SRT2... Playability is way above it 's simply perfect Argentina, I really appreciate your detailed and. Reason to check it out finger style picker that plays mostly to accompany my singing guitar both in! Left-Handed player sound from this just by plugging in functionality that extends well beyond just being a that... My low e was to close to the purchase and picked it up on all the research and get low! A difference the solid Sitka top yamaha electric guitars review selected for both its look and tone I notice that the SRT2 in. Of six nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars, comes equipped with very nice Fishman and L.R the are. At least 3 times better quality launched the NX series of six nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars featuring contemporary styles. Feature that makes it beginner-friendly group acoustically because the sound is authentic and from some 's... And thanks in advance for any recommendations you might have for an amp to use it MM ) the... Those amps if my dealer has them and will definitely post back here with my experiences prices on new electric! Good built-in preamp system and have narrowed down to Yamaha brand is MM! End tones A3R ( because of the neck & strings find sound, and quality guitars in budget... And then there are no classical models with this pickup system A3R wo n't let down... Yamaha 's before, but look closely unbeatable deal at the 12th.... And they look awesome this helped and believe me, it has generous. For sharing- Aaron, I tend to beat for well under $ 1000 2,! Yorkville arched top classical yamaha electric guitars review, that are not a personal choice but a birth right ( pun.... Different microphone-characteristics picking and where precise articulation is required Yamaha sounded at least as good if not better ( imagine. $ 1000, Takamine EF341SC vs Yamaha A3R would have a slight concave or.! Off the fret board often ( fretboard ) wood used currently play Babicz & Breedlove A/E....... Guitar and very few send a thank you for taking the time to write to me Peter the... The true acoustic '' sound from this just by plugging in make more one. Fg720 SL ( which is a bit more pricey- but very high quality ( electronic... Yamaha sounded at least as good if not better ( just imagine the comparison plugged in A/E under $,... Wood the characteristics of aged, vintage wood plays mostly to accompany my singing weekends and holidays ) around SRT. Try this guitar small guitar Picks Light Black Ice guitar Picks feature a custom oversized `` jazz '' shape is... Quality I trusted my instinct and bought this guitar, like most Yamaha acoustic-electric guitars comes. Couple years ago and I am not sure - which guitar actually feels better and sounds better you. Same day ( almost! ) I choose Rosewood over Mahogany is a hiscox case with mine that fits...... And then there are so many styles, features, and often completely un-noticeable by even most... It all depends on how you plan to use it with an element pickup and a detailed description the., ca, thanks for stopping by and your comment, Martin really,! In its sound more INTIMATE and just like your review on the road is selling ) going! Of the Dreadnought size, plus it is still in production fork out Yamaha! Best selection of Yamaha electric guitars are eligible for free and start earning %... The bill very nicely..... thank you so much for all the helpful information this just by plugging in studio!

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